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Well, howdy!

I don't expect this'll get viewed much, LOL. But, for the curious, here it is:

I came upon The Magnificent Seven one day while idly flicking through the television
channels and saw Michael Biehn in very tight denim striding across the screen. I stayed to
see what was up, and that was all it took -- I was hooked, utterly. Thanks to terrible
programming schedules, I saw a total of 3 episodes on terrestrial telly, missing beginning
or end of a couple of others, before it disappeared from schedules altogether. It sucked.

The three episodes I had managed to capture on VHS were watched over and over, until the
tape ran crackly.

Then I got my first laptop and modem (under the cunning guise of using it for academic
study), and discovered the internet.

Late nights -- or early mornings -- passed, and I discovered the world of fan-fiction. I read
everything I could find. I read A LOT. My taste for "gen" fiction, as I was reading then (the
alternatives unbeknownst to me at the time), grew stale. As an adult interested in adult
themes -- violence, gore, sex -- I was charmed but left wanting by gen fiction.

So, off I went in hunt of adult stories. I found some het stories, which I read with varying
levels of Mary Sue sensitivity. I sought out more on adult archives and was dispondant to
see so much "slash" and so little het. For the longest time, I thought slash fiction was
themed along the lines of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I think, ultimately, it was
desperation that made me click on my first ever slashfic. When my eyes were done
bugging out of my skull, I clicked on some more.

In the beginning, I was faced with a choice of stories featuring the most common pairing:
C/V. I discovered fairly quickly that it wasn't to my taste -- not for lack of trying many
different authors, and many different styles. Next I stumbled across C/E, and found myself
enjoying it little more, wishing all along that Ezra would wind up with Vin. Hardly a
surprise, then, that when I finally found a lone E/V fic and read it, I felt as though I had
found my home.

That was just over a year ago.

I hunted down every E/V fic I could and read each, repeatedly. I joined some lists and
discovered a new level to the fandom -- the writing and reading "community" -- that I hadn't
known was there. I started to beta as a means to understand the writing process, to
overcome my belief that authors were these amazing creatures who could just spew forth
stories whole and perfect, to find out if perhaps I could ever write a story of my own.

I met some interesting people, made some fine friends, learned a fair bit about a great deal
of things, and generally had a lot of fun. I finally tried my hand at writing for myself.

Earlier this year, I met some brilliant ladies who had copies of both seasons in their
entirety, and finally, wonderfully, got to see all the episodes. Yeeeehaw!

So, now I have reached that stage in my fannish development where I want a little slice of
the net for my self-indulgence... and to share the fruits of my labour with those who might
enjoy them.

Thanks for visitin'. Please feel free to contact me with any comments -- I don't bite ...
much, <snerk>. Anyways - so many WIPs, so little time. Enough of my babbling, back to
the fic!

December 2003000000000